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School hours are 7:45 AM – 3:00 PM

The school office is open 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We are delighted to have help with the news around campus and or community.  To submit an item and/or event please go here.

6th & 7th Grade: Mrs. Lorena Gonzalez
8th & 9th Grade: Mrs. Christina Carrizales     
10th-12th (A-L): Mr. Steve Schlabach             
10th-12th (M-Z):  Mrs. Mona Bushehri          

If your child is sick, please email:  There is no need to call the school if you have emailed.

Please be sure to send a note with your child the day they return outlining the reason for the absence, or email it to Without a note, the absence is considered unexcused. Texas law requires students to be in attendance 90% of the time.

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Juniors and Seniors are allowed two excused absences to visit a college.  Students are required to bring a note to the attendance office from their parent at least one week prior to the visit..  If the visit requires more than one day because of travel, then the extra day must be approved by Dr. Muniz.  Students should pick up a form in the attendance office, and then return the form after the visit signed by a representative from the college.    Students failing to bring back a note will be given an unexcused absence. 


  • Here is the Westchester Academy for International Studies contact information. This is for the school...not the PTA. PTA information may be located on our footer.
  • Address:901 Yorkchester Dr., Houston, TX 77079
  • Phone:713-251-1800
  • Fax:713-251-1815

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