PTA Meeting Agenda – 10/9/2018

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Westchester Academy PTA Agenda
October 9th, 2018 – 6:00 PM
Room B320
Call Meeting to Order:
Approve MInutes from Last Meeting (9/11/2018)
President’s Report:
  • Write-a-Check status – total collected; adopted items; how much more do we need?
    • Chrome Books – # requested
      • Should we wait – we should be 1:1 tech 2019-2020 – School Redesign & Bond Money; Readiness Rubric…
  • Membership Status – Dues paid 9/28/18; # of members = 298!!!
  • Spirit Store Status – online store open; current inventory;
Director’s Report:
Treasurer’s Report:
VP’s Report:
Chair Report(s):
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Alicia L.)- what do we have left over? Utensils, plates, etc…, what do we need? Sterno, metal serving trays, tongs, spoons, etc …,
  • Reflections (Juliette P.) – what do you need from us? Access to membership rooster?
  • Website/Communication (Dominique H.) – constant contact; mailings; newsletter; …
  • Healthy Lifestyle (Suzanne G.) –
  • Spirit Store (Kingsley A.) –
Old Business:
  1. SBEF Scholarship (WAIS PTA) – $1,000.00 minimum amount; We can designate criteria for the recipient (i.e. WAIS grad); Paid annually
  2. Taste of WAIS – All Set?
  3. Set date for first disbursement committee meeting
  4. Thanksgiving Baskets – Yes or No – #’s per Cameron Dumas (CIS)
New Business:
  1. Art Sponsorship – $150.00 to the museum (what’s it cover); we can use the museum for 2 hours for the donation for an event. Perhaps an “exclusive event”, maybe $50.00 per person for Mocktails at the Museum.
  2. PTA Mixer – when, where, what
  3. Rites of Spring – Can we have inflatables? Should we book the “carnival” people again?
  4. NHS – Cake and What not – Keeta?
  5. How can/should/do we thank student performers at Taste of WAIS?
  6. ?
  7. ?
Close Meeting:
Upcoming Events:
Taste of WAIS – Thursday, October 11, 2018, 6-8 pm
November PTA Meeting – Tuesday, November 13 – 6:00 pm

Thank you for visiting WAIS PTA

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